Since 2003, Xymogen has focused on creating the highest quality formulas in the healthcare industry. Xymogen believes that their commitment to quality along with their passion for natural healthcare allows them to grow. Xymogen’s ultimate goal is to bring patients better health and wellness.


Xymogen offers trusted and quality products that support everyday health. RegeneMax provides choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid that supports nourish the body’s beauty proteins. RegeneMax thickens and strengthens hair and nails, promotes healthy joints, and adds flexibility to bones. OptiCleanse GHI offers gastrointestinal support and balanced detoxification as well as being fructose-free and having low allergy potential. i5 Energize supports natural energy production as well as giving the body a natural ability to detoxify. i5 Energize is great for energy levels, workout enhancement, and overall wellness.

Xymogen from Covenant Health Products on Vimeo.