Patient Pricing Program

Maximize Your Savings with Holistic Health Partners' Exclusive Patient Pricing Program

Are the costs of supplements impacting your budget significantly? Do additional expenses such as shipping fees and taxes contribute to unexpectedly high total costs? Understanding and managing the financial investment in your supplement routine is crucial.


At Holistic Health Partners, we recognize the importance of both your financial and physical well-being. Therefore, we are proud to offer our unique Patient Pricing Program, designed to provide significant savings and alleviate the financial strain of maintaining your health regimen.


Our tiered savings structure is straightforward and rewarding:

For purchases ranging from $1.00 to $149.99, receive a 12% discount on your order. For example, a $100 purchase results in a $12 saving, lowering your payment to $88.

For purchases between $150.00 and $299.99, enjoy a 15% discount. This means on a $200 order, you benefit from a $30 discount, reducing your total to $170.

For purchases of $300.00 or more, avail of a 20% discount. On a $400 order, this equals an $80 saving, bringing your cost down to $320.

Beyond these savings, we are dedicated to enhancing the value you receive from our program. We have eliminated shipping charges and taxes, ensuring that your investment goes further.

With Holistic Health Partners, your journey to wellness becomes more accessible and cost-effective without compromising quality. Choose wisely — join our Patient Pricing Program today and see your savings accumulate.



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