Concierge Client Enrollment

Concierge Client Program - Tailored for your Wellness Needs!

Covenant Health Products now offers Holistic Health Partners Concierge program.

This Program is for anyone wanting access to the best vitamins and supplements with discounted access to medical advice to make the best decisions for your health. Our Concierge Plan guarantees you the best price, no matter the size of your order, and direct access to time with our Medical Staff to ensure your Wellness Plan is right for you. It also gives you exceptional pricing on all at-home diagnostic testing to better understand your state of health and monitor your progress toward meeting your goals.


Yearly Cost $79.99

  • All Medical Appointments only $35.00
  • Personal Client Resource Manager to answer questions and manage your needs
  • Access to all of your favorite brands
  • Guaranteed 20% off all Supplements on every Order
  • Free Shipping on all Orders

This Program is an excellent way to maximize your savings if you spend more than $600.00 annually. This Program is offered exclusively to clients of Holistic Health Partners. All that is required is to pay the yearly $79.99 and schedule your introduction appointment using the calendar below.